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What to Expect

Since chiropractic care involves a series of visits, with each one building on the ones before, it’s important that our relationship can go the distance. We’ve found that one of the best ways to have successful patient relationships is to explain everything in advance. Our goal is to eliminate every shred of apprehension and make you feel at home.

The more you understand who we are, what we do and why we do it, the better results you’ll enjoy. It’s as simple as that.

So, check us out here. Get to know us. Then, contact us to make an appointment so we can get to know you.

At Opp Family Chiropractic in St. Francis, we believe it is ...Better to grow healthy kids than to fix injured adults.

Better to grow healthy kids than to fix injured adults.

Your First Chiropractic Visit

On your initial appointment, please allow about 15 minutes to complete our appropriate intake forms before the history and exam can begin. If you intend to utilize insurance, no problem just have the most up-to-date insurance card with you. If you are seeking care due to an auto accident or work related injury we will also need the claim numbers and/or billing addresses for the insurance companies. Be prepared to answer specific history questions, not only about the specific pain you are experiencing, but also about family health history as well. We need to know any and all medications or nutritional supplements you are currently taking or have taken in the past.

The doctor’s exam is very detailed to ensure the correct diagnosis is made and as not to miss anything underlying that may be of possible concern. The findings of your exam will be reviewed and a treatment plan design specifically for your health issue will be recommended. After all your questions are answered and we are all in agreement, you will receive your first treatment. We treat on the initial visit as to alleviate your pain or discomfort and get you feeling better as soon as possible. Before you leave the office, your next appointment will be discussed and scheduled. You may ask questions at any time. Please allow about 45 minutes for this first visit.

Your Second Visit

On your second visit, you will be asked how you felt after your first treatment and if you have any additional questions. You will be provided exercises and nutritional options that have been shown to be successful in aiding in the healing process. After your treatment, your next visit will be discussed and scheduled. Please allow about 15 minutes for this visit.

A Typical Visit

A typical office visit begins with a brief review of the health problem being treated and if there are any new concerns. Treatment will usually consist of stretching, therapies and chiropractic adjustments. When treatment is done, you will be asked about your response to that day’s treatment and shown any new exercises. Your next appointment will be discussed and scheduled. Please allow about 15 minutes.

If you would like to see if chiropractic care could help you or your family, call Opp Family Chiropractic today!

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