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What Our Patients Say

Chiropractic revives the power inside of you.

Chiropractic revives the power inside of you.

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Opp Family Chiropractic, P.A. patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Opt For Better Health,
Dr. Brian, Dr. Cindy, and Dr. Katie

Leery About Seeking Help for Chronic Back Pain

I was initially leery about seeking help for my chronic back pain. At the age of 30 you could say I was somewhat in denial about how severe the problem was. I met Dr. Cindy and she simply stated that she felt I could benefit greatly from chiropractic care. I figured, at this point, anything beats surgery.

I was very impressed by the level of care that I received from everybody at Opp Family Chiropractic. From the door to the table, everybody that I came into contact with treated me with respect and consideration. I knew right away that I was not being seen as another invoice number.

A couple years after beginning treatment with Opp Family Chiropractic, Isustained an injury to my lower back that forced me to reconsider the treatment paththat we were on. It appeared that surgery was the only option. I was not at allcomfortable with this notion. I voiced my concerns to Dr. Brian, and he quickly put me atease. I did have options, he explained, and should only proceed in a manner that I wascomfortable with. I was provided with referrals of practitioners to talk to. He assured methat pre and post op care would be something they could walk me through, and thatthey would be able to get me back on my feet in no time.

Surgery came and went. I explained to the surgeon the care plan that OppFamily Chiropractic had put together for me, and to my surprise, he offered nothingfurther. The plan that Opp Family Chiropractic had created for me was sufficient tohandle my recovery. Through their plan of adjustment, massage, assisted stretching, nutritional supplements and exercise I would be just fine.

Opp family Chiropractic has changed the way I view my health. I have come tounderstand their belief that “everything is connected”. In addition to my own wellbeing,they are entrusted with the care of my entire family. The improvements in our overallhealth since becoming patients at Opp Family Chiropractic is amazing.

I feel that as a team, they really accomplish more than they could possiblyimagine. From Mary at the front desk, to Dr. Brian and Dr Katie taking care of myadjustments, to Nikki taking care of the massage, and assisted stretching and Dr. Cindyhelping me choose right supplements and really making sure that I’m doing ok. Inperforming the task that is asked of them, they all excel. But every one of them takesthe time to see how you are doing and really listens to you. They care about you as aperson and it shows. For me, this is what makes them a cut above the rest.

David Roberts

Helping Naturally!

I grew up with a Pediatrician in my house. So medicine was prescribed or taken for every symptom. As I became a mother, I searched for the best way to help my family be healthy. Opp Family Chiropractic is what I discovered. I love their approach and knowledge on how to make our bodies do the best at what they were made to do. I know we are in good hands every step of the way. My third pregnancy, I had regular adjustments and massage. I had a full term healthy baby, natural delivery. Just the way i wanted it. My children are all adjusted on a regular basis. When one of us falls ill, the first call I make it to Opp. I find great comfort knowing they help our family be the best we can be, naturally! Thank you, see you soon.

Jennifer Roberts

Jared’s Story

The chiropractic care that my son has received over the past four months has made a dramatic improvement in his life. My now 17-month-old son started his battle with chronic ear infections when he was about 4 months old. During the next several months he continued to have one ear infection after another. Not long after my son turned 8 months old, he had a tube placed in each ear to help with drainage. However, he continued to have a recurring problem with ear infections. My son is an otherwise healthy little boy. After ear infection number seven and being seen by a Pediatric ENT at the University of Minnesota who suggested we schedule a surgery to take out his adenoids and possibly his tonsils, my husband and I decided to look into chiropractic care as an option. On his first birthday, my son started being seen by Dr. Cindy Opp to restore optimal spinal balance, ensuring proper nerve function. This would allow for proper Eustachian tube drainage. I myself have never been treated by a chiropractor, but after researching our options we decided it was at least worth a try. Over the past five months since beginning to see Dr. Cindy, my son has not had a single ear infection. I would and have recommended chiropractic care to other families with similar situations.

Thank you, Cindy
-Jessie S. (Jared’s mother)

Chiropractic care for Pregnancy

Dr. Cindy and Dr. Brian helped me to achieve my goal of a successful vaginal birth after two c-sections (VBA2C). I had never received chiropractic care before. I read about the Webster Technique and knew that my first cesarean was a result of my baby’s position.

I set out to maximize my chances for a vaginal delivery. Throughout the pregnancy, Dr. Cindy gently adjusted me and coached me on exercises for optimal fetal position using an exercise ball. I fully believe that my body was optimized for the labor and delivery process.

Labor started as my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at a local restaurant. Following two hours of intense (but smooth) labor, our daughter arrived peacefully and flawlessly! She was in perfect position. On the way to the hospital and in between contractions, I told my husband that I believed this onset of labor was a direct result of the chiropractic appointment that very same morning!

My body performed instinctively and I truly believe that chiropractic care allowed for my body to perform as it should. Chiropractic care is so much more than just neck and back care. Everything is connected and it all starts with the brain and spine! I believe that chiropractic care does benefit women before, during, and after pregnancy.

Thank you, Drs. Cindy and Brian!
-Mom to Victoria

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