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Supplement Basics

The supplement aisle can be a daunting and scary place. All the different types and companies out there can overwhelm a person. A former FDA special agent by the name of Gary Collins wrote a blog about what he saw during his days as an agent. Titled 3 ways supplements are end up on the market at unbelievably cheap. He found that companies will use useless expired products, counterfeit and dangerous products, and steal products and release them without any quality control. It is believed that 70% of supplement products are not tested for purity, efficacy, and amounts, so what it says on the bottle is not what is in the product.

We research each company that supplies us with our nutritional products and make sure they are independently tested by one of the three labs in the U.S. to do this work. If the product is GMP certified you know that it has been tested and what it says is in the product is true. Pharmaceutical grade products come from the best ingredients from reputable companies. By ordering from us you can be assured that all the products we use meet these standards.

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