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Our Financial Policy

healthcare has a price

If you lose something, it costs time or money or both to recover it. That’s true whether you lose your keys, your wallet or your health.

How much you’re willing to invest to recover your health is largely a function of how much you value your health. Everyone values his or her health differently.

So that we can concentrate more fully on helping you reclaim your health, we make our financial policy simple, easy to understand and fair for all parties involved. That’s why we post our policy here.

Your financial responsibility can vary depending upon whether your health problem was the result of a car accident, is preventive in nature or covered by an insurer.

We offer affordable cash plans for individuals and families.

We are providers for most insurance companies including the following:

  • BCBS
  • Medica
  • United Health Care
  • Health Partners
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Select Care
  • Preferred One

Auto Accidents

If your current health situation is the result of an automobile accident, after meeting any deductible amount, your auto insurance will likely pay for your care in our office. Part of our first visit procedure will be to find out the specifics of your policy.

Work Related Injuries

If your health situation is a the result of an accident or injury that occurred while on the job, let us know on your first visit. We need this information before care begins as to process it correctly to ensure you receive the appropriate benefits.

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