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Where do you get your supplements

The Washington Post recently posted an article on supplements that were pulled from the shelves at GNC, Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens stores due to not having in them what the company said was supposed to be in the bottle. There have been numerous other supplements pulled prior to this event as well. It is believed that 70% of the supplements on shelves and on the internet are crap, meaning they don’t have any quality control measures and can pretty much put whatever they want in a bottle and sell it.

Natural supplementsWhy You Should Never Buy On Price

A former FDA agent, Gary Collins, wrote a blog post on the three most common things he saw when dealing with shady supplement companies.

1. The products they were selling were bought from other companies that sold them at a reduced price due to being past their expiration date.

2. The products are counterfeit and probably dangerous.

3. There are people out there stealing shipments of supplements and selling them. The problem is they often mix the expired ones in with the ones they stole.

Where Should You Buy

Make sure you are buying from reputable companies that sell pharmaceutical grade or professional grade products. They will come with a third party certification from GMP or NSF, if not that is your first warning. Second, ask who ever is selling you the product if they know where the company gets it ingredients from. They should be able to tell you this and if not, be warned once again. Lastly, if it is cheap, avoid it!!

Dr. Brian Opp

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